Subject Default transaction settings
Author Diego Rodriguez
Hello everybody,

I'm using jaybird 1.0.1 with transactions in my code, so I'm configuring the driver to meet my application transaction requirements, and i'd like to know if I must do it in a explicit way or my requirements are the default ones. This is my configuration:

HashMap tpbMap = new HashMap();
tpbMap.put("TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED", "isc_tpb_read_committed, isc_tpb_rec_version, isc_tpb_write,isc_tpb_wait");

Is this the default configuration ?
What are the default transaction configuration settings?
It's Jaybird responsible for this default settings or its a firebird configuration issue, so I must ask in the firebird list?

The last question, although it must not be the rigth place to ask it: I have a web application accessing the same database through DBCP/Jaybird with no explicit transaction configuration. Anyone knows if DBCP is altering the default transaction settings?

Thank you vey much


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