Subject RE: compilation problem with gcc
Author Ryan Baldwin

>> I've just commited the headers from FB1.5 RC4 into 'external' and
>> re-copied and modifed the prototypes in fb_bindings.h.
>Do we need to keep that headers in the project? Cannot we simply add an
>$FIREBIRD_HOME/include to the include path?

We could do. My reasoning was too minimize the number of env variables that
needed setting up and keep the thing as self contained as possible. Possibly
it keeps the builds more consistant - always building for the same binary
interface - but this could be false reasoning.

I'm not too concerned which way it is done really. If you would rather they
were not included in the tree then we could remove them when your
build_native.xml modifications are done I guess(i'm assuming you would make
the necesary mods for this to work).

If we were to do this though could we make it work in a similar way to what
I did with JAVA_HOME - so it can be set as an ant property to override the
environment variable. This makes setting up my IDE to run build_native.xml