Subject Proposed FAQ item. Was: FBTimestampField and longs
Author Rick Fincher
Hi All,

Here is a proposed FAQ item dealing with the FBTimestamp question posed in
the mail

Does this cover the issue adequately?

Roman, I'm not sure which bug you were referring to in your reply.

Q: Why can't I use longs to get and set FBTimestampField?

A: This conversion it is not in the standard, and we prefer to implement
only the standard until we have a full implementation of it.

One workaround is to use setTimestamp(new Timestamp(long)) or

We discovered some time ago that you must be careful using
getTimestamp(...).getTime(), since the value you get can be different from
what you put in the database depending on your local time and the java

Also using getNanos() with the result of getTimestamp(...).getTime(),
returns integral seconds, not fractional seconds.

See the Java api docs for java.sql.Timestamp for more information.