Subject Re: Patch: pooled prepared statements
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I agree about the coupling between the JDBC and JCA classes - it was
> a bit of a mess to try to figure out how to get the classes to work
> together and I had to make too many functions public that should
> have been package. I wasn't sure of the best place to start but
> wanted to get something done quick to speed up certain parts of my
> application. You can keep the patch or throw it away, but I have to
> share my modifications for LGPL!


> Let me take look at the src\pool directory and see what is in that
> folder. Is it fully implemented or does it need work?

Fully implemented, but the concept is different. Currently it uses
DriverManager to make physical connections, but we should consider
implementing a ConnectionFactory interface from JCA and use one from
jca package.

You should consider that pool first of all as a pool that is able to
track resource allocations (however, not in the CVS). And I still
believe that implementing statement pooling somewhere in GDS code is

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy

P.S. I'm on vacations next week.