Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Type 2 driver modifications are ready for review.
Author Ryan Baldwin

>1.- Can you send me a firebirdsql.jar?. I'll test it.

Yes, but do you intend to test the Type 4 functionality to make sure its
still intact - or do you wish to also test the type 2 functionality - in
which case I'll need to also send you the native libarary which I have only
tested on windows. I have build it on solaris sparc and should be able to
build it on most unix es, but have not yet tested these. Also to test the
type 2 functionality It would need to surfaced somewhere(eg FBDriver, etc).

>2.- Why do you want to enable the two types (2 /4) simultaneously and how
>do you intend to achieve that?.

I was thinking perhaps if someone wanted to use the embeded database and
also access a database remotley through type 4 mode. I'm not sure if this
would be usefull really.

It would work by there being an instance of the gds implementation from ngds
and an instance from jdgs simultaniously, with each connection holding a
reference to the implementation it uses.

I was unsure about how this might affect pooling of connettions but if
difference URLs are used ef jdbc:firebirdsql:.... or
jdbc:firebirdsql:native:.... or jdbc:firebirdsql:embeded:.... were used as
Roman originally sugested then maybe this would be OK.

As it stands though if an attempt is made to instiate more then one gds
implementation an exception will be thrown. This could be easily removed if
it where usefull to have two instances of gds and if it would all work

I hope this makes sense.

I have been doing a little JUnit research lateley to see how the tests in
CVS could be easily modified to test both the type 2 and type 4
functionality without duplicating the tests. eg run each test once with type
4 and then again with type 2(for tests from the jca and jdbc packages). Any
sugestions here would be appreciated - perhaps after commiting though it
would be easier, as what I have done so far would be easily visible.


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Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Type 2 driver modifications are ready
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At 27/05/2003 15:27 +0000, Roman Rokytskyy wrote:
> > I've got to the point now where the Type 2 driver modifications made
> > against the head of the CVS tree are ready for review - and in my
> > opinion could be/maybe should be commited before completing the
> > modifications.
> > ...
> > Basicly I would like to have this reviewed and the possibility of
> > having it commited looked at as really I could do with some help in
> > surfacing this through FBDriver and the other methods of obtaining
> > connections which I do not have an extensive understanding of. Also
> > there will be numerous other small things to polish to complete the
> > intergration of these changes - and there are various options for
> > doing these which perahps should be discussed.
> >
> > So if anyone is still interested in having these modifications
> > commited to the tree please let me know and I will make a snapshot
> > of my local CVS tree available through the downloads area and give
> > an thorough overview of what I have had to do and my reasoning.
>Personally I would say that you should commit them to the CVS, if your
>changes do not break the driver (at least all test cases should pass).
>I will be able to work on JayBird not earlier than in 2 weeks and my
>plan is to fix multi-threading issues first. Therefore I would like
>that your changes are already in the tree, because it might happen
>that some refactoring is needed.
>So, if David and Blas have no objection, I would say "commit".

Only two question for Ryan before:

1.- Can you send me a firebirdsql.jar?. I'll test it.
2.- Why do you want to enable the two types (2 /4) simultaneously and how
do you intend to achieve that?.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza

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