Subject Record Locking
Author Robert DiFalco
This may be more appropriate for ib-support but I was wondering how one could atomically update a range of records (that need individual SQL statements) using JDBC? I've seen the "FOR UPDATE" method, but I couldn't find a lot of details on how it is used. I.e. if you "don't" update the records how do you release the lock, etc...
Basically, I have a bunch of scheduled tasks that have an "isRunning" column. If there is a server restart (or something like that) I want to lock all the records with aborted "isRunning" states, update them to false, and then release all the locks. But I want to perform the update one at a time instead of a single UPDATE WHERE statement. I also want to know that records are already locked.
Is there any way to do this sort of multi-user programming in SQL without having to resort to adding extra fields to my tables that track transaction status?
Thanks in advance!