Subject Intergrating class 2 driver changes.
Author Ryan Baldwin

I've been testing these modifications with the fbembed.dll for a week along
with sevral of my colegues and it working like a charm. Easier deployment
and a good speed boost. I am very eager now to get these modifications
polished and intergrated. Perhaps I am being a little impatient(please let
me know if I am) but -

>> I see now that I have a few phases of modifications I would like to
>> propose - these being:
>> 1) The original set of changes that intergrate ngds with the driver.
>> These lead to very few modifications of code above of the gds
>> package.
>David, do you think we can apply them before release?

Is there any reason why it would not to create a release branch now for any
pre-release changes and then intergrate these changes with the head ? - I
would feel a little uneasy myself about intergrating them for the
(presumably just arround the corner) release.

We could then have the ability to use:

Type 4

Type 2 - Socket IPC (I dont see any area where this would be usfull)

Type 2 - Local IPC ( If not for XNET then a reduced concurrency local
IPC(windows only) )

Type 2 - Embedded ( Possibly the fastest JDBC database available, at least
the fastest I've seen ).

Thanks |-: