Subject Re: International character support
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Can someone give an exemple how to achieve international character
> support from JayBird driver. I'm using IB6 and Firebird 1 from
> delphi and PHP without problems related with encoding. But when I'm
> trying to insert an recod with string which has an international
> character, everything what comes after it gets truncated.

JayBird is very sensitive to character sets specified in your
database and for your connection. However it should not truncate data
under any condition. Can you provide some test case (for example a
small database with data stored by Delphi/PHP and Java code that you
use to read data).

> Also after reading of string from DB with international char i get
> it replaced to some other character.

This is might have easy explanation. If you use character set NONE
and store your data from Delphi using some one byte encoding (like
WIN1252, not UTF-8), and then you try to read that data from Java,
JayBird will construct java.lang.String instance using

byte[] data = getFieldData();
String value = new String(data);

This will create a unicode string using a default encoding in JVM
(value of "file.encoding" property). If encoding used to store data
is different from the encoding used to read data, some characters
will be replaced with other.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy