Subject Re: Java trigger & SP future....
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Is there anyway to implement it outside FB ? since there's no plan
> to from FB... :-( because I really need this features... at least
> I not need to rewrite my SP and triggers....

Can you explain, what you are going to achieve?

It is not possible to call Java code from within a database server,
unless you create User Defined Functions (UDFs) that in turn will
call your Java code via JNI. But even having your Java code
accessible via JNI, you will need to write wrappers in PSQL.

But please explain your usage of Java in database. Maybe there is a
possibility to achieve what you want in other way.

Also you might consider using JDataStore (not free, not open source,
but if you need Java triggers and SP, might be a good choice; till
recently license costed $1,000 for server with 10 users, or $100 for
an embedded version).

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy