Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] [Slightly OT] Data Abstraction
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Wednesday 16 April 2003 17:27, David Jencks wrote:


> TJDO (sourceforge) is an open source jdo implementation
> OJB (now on apache) is an open source odbmg3 implementation
> I think Hibernate has recently added firebird support. I

Thanks David, there are a few there that need furthur investigation.

> Are these approaches really simpler than jboss + cmp2 + xdoclet?

Possibly not. I was hoping there was something 'in the middle' of 'plain
JDBC' and full blown cmp2 that has passed me by.

> I think
> you get much better caching and configuration flexibility with cmp2.

Whilst cmp2 does seem to be overkill for what we need, it does have the
benefit that we do have experience with it, unlike the other frameworks. If
we were just using Firebird, we would have probably gone with 'just' JDBC and
SQL, but adding a second database engine into the mix, and things grow (two
lots of metadata to develop maintain, two sets of SQL statements etc.)


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