Subject [Slightly OT] Data Abstraction
Author Phil Shrimpton

We are about to start a small/medium project that is to be deployed to 4
sites. Up until this morning, all 4 sites were going to use Firebird, but
now one is insisting on Oracle.

So we are looking for something 'simple' to abstact the data access part of
the system to support both both Firebird and Oracle as transparently as
possible. CMP2 Entity beans have worked in the past but are overkill for
this project and its developers.

The basic architecture is

Struts/SOAP <-> SessionBeans (Jboss) <-> Firebird/Oracle

Can anybody recommend anything out of the somewhat bemusing selection of
'persitance layers' available, that works well with Firebird and Oracle,
ideally with a shortish learning curve? If it could generate metadata and
handle the differences in SQL dialects as well, I will owe you a beer <g>


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