Subject Whether is JayBird just a lot of "not yet implemented" methods ?
Author Svetozar Radojcin
So, I have serious trouble with JayBird.

I want to use Firebird as underlying RDBMS for my Entity EJB's.
Creation of such entities involves creation of new records in the
appropriate DB table. In order to accomplish this, J2EE server
internally uses java.sql.PreparedStatement (... INSERT INTO
MY_TABLE....), and sets parameters to that statement, by calling methods
of the PreparedStatement interface.

And now, take a look at,
A _lot of methods simply throws new SQLException("not yet implemented").

For example, FBPreparedStatement.setDate() just throws new
SQLException("Error converting to date."), so I am
unable to perform such simple operation :(( - I can't believe that !

Q 1: What I should to do, in order to insert row in a db table which
contains DATE column (for example) ?
Q2: (more complicated): how I can to 'explain' that, in a way, which my
J2EE server can 'understand'
(he uses PreparedStatement) ?
Q3: (more important) : Whether exists a 'real' JDBC driver (other than
interClient & JayBird) for the Firebird/Interbase RDBMS , which really
implements a full set of JDBC 2.0 methods ?