Subject Re: Putting class 2 drv native code in CVS.
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Ryan,

> >Have you thought about the license for your code? May I suggest
> > LGPL, same as JayBird main code?
> I think that would make most sense. As far as I'm aware LGPL still
> allows intergration of the driver binaries into a commercial
> product ?

Yes. That was the main reason. IPL for engine (historically), LGPL
for drivers (at lease JayBird :))

> >Note, you must add a license to all your files before
> >committing them.
> Are you able to point me towards a suitable chunk of text ?

Pick any .java file and get the header from it.

> I was really only concerned with adding the native code at the
> moment - this would be a start and would help me further develop
> the build system. Adding this wont affect the java side of things.
> I am more then happy to wait to get the java code intergrated. If
> anyone wants to try it out in the mean time then the binaries are
> available for download.

Ok, then go ahead and commit your code to CVS.

> Once you've done your clean up I can get a fresh checkout and re-
> apply my changes on the java side more cleanly and pass this too
> you for your approval.

Not only mine. First of all David Jencks', as the project leader, and
Blas' as a driver guru too. :) But I think there will be no

> I dont know how much clean up you intend to do before forking the
> release branch but at the end of this post is a summary of the
> difficulties I had intergrating ngds which you might like to be
> aware of.

Clean-up does not mean refactoring. I will remove most (or all)
deprecation warnings. Also I will check if there are big chunks of
commented code.

> If you are happy with this I will add this once I've got the
> liscense text in place.


Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy