Subject Re: Class 2 driver modifications have 2x insert performance over pure type 4 for many small inserts.
Author Roman Rokytskyy <>
> I've never been able to find out for sure if this is the case for
> FB 1.0.0. I've heard mention of an XNET protocol in FB 1.5 which I
> thought did this - but now I wonder if I missunderstood the purpose
> of XNET protocol because I dont see why if it already exists -
> unless this a a cross platform implementation and FB 1.0.0 only has
> shared memory protocol for windows.

Maybe I was not correct about shared memory. But anyway they use some
kind of IPC that makes localhost connections faster than socket
communication. And sure you can ask that in firebird-devel list, or
even better in IB-Support list, because this is more support
question, not the development.