Subject Another set of Class 2 Driver modification files. These ones are pretty much complete and stable(-:
Author Ryan Baldwin

I've uploaded another set of files containing binaries and source for the
type 2 driver modifications. These are:

The c++ code has been tideyed up and improved. Many bugs and resource leaks
from the previous release have been fixed and it now appears to be usable as
a complete and stable class 2 driver. It should 'drop in' anywhere where
jaybird is currently used and I am not aware of any bugs at present.

Only windows binaries are included - if someones interested in another
platform I(or somone) could look at building the shared library for other
platforms but otherwise I will probarbly leave this for a while and look at
tideying the java side of the modifications.

I have had some interesting performance results with these modifications
which I will post about these seperatly.