Subject Re: GDS Exception. No message for code 335544794 found
Author Roman Rokytskyy <>
> I am using the binary version 1.0.0-RC3 and maybe it can't get the
> error message (Why?).

No idea. Try to specify -DFBLog4j=true option to JVM and include
log4.jar in your classpath. In this case you should get a lot of
debug information.

> But why the prepared statement generate this exception (operation
> was cancelled)?

No idea. Most likely there is some problem in your server
installation. Also it is hard to tell anything without knowing the
query you are executing. Try to use Firebird 1.0.2 with InterClient
(it works) and see if your query works there. Maybe there is
something wrong in the query itself. If InterClient+FB work fine,
please create a test case that reproduces this problem and post it

> Is there a way to go from interbase/interclient to firebird/JayBird
> without changing the code?

Switching from InterClient to Firebird should not be a problem.
However when switching from IB to FB you should check your SQL -
there were some changes (for example ambiguous fields are explicitely
prohibited in dialect 3).

> Is there a way to have the driver source already packaged as a jar
> in order to debug from the source?

What about checking it out from the CVS?

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy