Subject RE: Jaybird - Class 2 gds impl
Author Ryan Baldwin

I've posted this to both firebird-java and firebird-devel. I will post
subsiquent mails regarding this to firebird-java only. I've uploaded two new
files to These are:

These jaybird modifications that allow it to work as a class 2 driver. I
have fixed many serious bugs and completed the GDS_Impl in the ngds package
since the 0_1 version and it now passes 100% of tests from packages:


There is still some cleaning up to do - I need to take a good look at
threading issues - currently the GDS_Impl class has all methods synchronized
on the objects monitor. But its getting there !

To try it out in an app that uses the uses the type4 driver should(see
bellow for exceptions) be easy. Heres how:

1) Download
2) Extract java_gds.dll into your c:\winnt\System32 directory.
3) Ensure you have a suitable GDS32.dll in your System32 dir.
4) Replace firebirdsql.jar on your CLASSPATH with firebirdsqln.jar from Make sure you have only firebirdsqln.jar and not
firebirdsql.jar as well.
5) Cross your fingers and give it a go.

firebirdsqln.jar was built from CVS as checked out only a few days ago -
after including my mods.

It should be possible to run it against the fbembed.dll by renaiming it(You
would have to modify your connection url though) - I havent tested it at all
yet though.

You might encounter a problem with the connection url - It works for the
junit tests but not for my app - which works ok with type4 driver - so
although the 'correct' url form should work OK it doesent accept some 'less
correct' forms that the type4 driver does IFAIK - I should be able to get
this fixed very soon though.

It would be helpfull for me at this stage if we could talk about if/how we
might put this code into the repositories - There were some sugestions a few
days ago - I've never contributed to an open source project and so am unsure
how things really get organised.