Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JDBC Secure Channel
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 13:29, robert_difalco wrote:
> Is there any way to have a secure channel (e.g. SSL) between the
> JDBC driver and the database engine?

I am not aware of a way?

> If there is no secure channel,
> isn't all data sent in the clear?

Unfortunately I believe that to be the case. I am aware of some tools
that you can use with C/C++, and other languages to do secure tunneling
and encryption. I am not aware of any having the ability to work with
Java or JayBird?

This is a feature I would like to see, but do not see a way to implement
it without going the old InterClient way of having one part on the
server, and the other part client side.

Since Firebird does not have any sort of built in encryption for data
being sent to and from the db.

If I am incorrect, someone please set me straight. I would very much
like to use encryption with my Java apps without having to use a middle
tier app.

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