Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: RC3
Author Benammour Abdenbi
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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: RC3

> > Is it Jaybird that will not have to support PreparedStatement
> > pooling in the future?
> > JDBC 3.0 spec, mentions that PreparedStatements may be reusable (see
> > section 11.6). It is/will be possible to check if a datasource
> > supports poolable PreparedStatements by calling
> > DatabaseMetaData.supportsStatementPooling().
> And one more thing: this chapter applies to connection pool and not
> to the core driver. Statement pooling happens inside PooledConnection
> instance and not inside the driver. Method
> DatabaseMetaData.supportsStatementPooling() is overriden by
> Connection wrapper from the pool and gives application a hint if
> prepared statements are pooled or not. This behavior is supported in
> connection pool I wrote at work, and, afaik, in PoolMan too.

I totally agree,
Thanks Roman,