Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: RC3
Author Benammour Abdenbi
Hi Roman,

> Evgeney,
> > This is Firebird feature. It have commitRetain, after commit all
> > ResultSet is open.
> Right, but JDBC does not define commit retaining. Connection.commit()
> means isc_commit_transaction and not isc_commit_retaining. Check JDBC
> specification.
> > I patch local source next files to resolve this problem
> > org\firebirdsql\jdbc\
> > org\firebirdsql\jca\
> > org\firebirdsql\jca\
> > org\firebirdsql\jca\
> What problem are you trying to solve?
> > And I have memory leak on server when I don't close
> PreparedSatement.
> > FB allow one PreparedSatement for many Query. And this Statment
> eat
> > server memory.
> PreparedStatement should be prepared once and used many times. JDBC
> driver does not have PreparedStatement pool and will not have any.
> This feature usually is implemented in JDBC connection pool. PoolMan
> has it, I have it in my pool too (most likely I will contribute my
> pool to the project after release).
Is it Jaybird that will not have to support PreparedStatement pooling in the
JDBC 3.0 spec, mentions that PreparedStatements may be reusable (see section
11.6). It is/will be possible to check if a datasource supports poolable
PreparedStatements by calling DatabaseMetaData.supportsStatementPooling().
This feature was added to the spec for performance reason.
Best regards,