Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: RC3
Author Евгений Путилин
> > What problem are you trying to solve?
> > Not find All support of FirebirdApi
> Agreed, but we never said that we will support complete FB API or
> even try to support it. This is simply not possible using available
> Java standards (JDBC, JCA, etc.). We are writing JDBC/JCA-compatible
> JDBC driver, and not IBX.Java or whatever you can call it.
I don't have IBX.Java (I like FIBPLus :-) ). Bun I Have problem after call commit, i have closed ResultSet. Is it requirement JDBC? I think it specific realisation bridge to FB. To resolve Any realisation RDBM, FB have specific tools. For example transaction isolations.
> I do not say that this is not possible. One can extend JDBC driver
> functionality by subclassing currently available classes and
> providing needed functions there. We have that is
> similar to gds32.h, so you are pretty free to write new component set.
What i do. But Java not support multiple inheritance realization. And I must local putch code or write copies code.

p.s. To resolve Any realisation RDBM, FB have specific tools
to have in view
Имел ввиду что для реализации каждой из частей RDBM, FB предлагает свои механизмы. Например реализацию уровней изоляци транзакций.

Yours sincerely Eugeney Putilin