Subject Re: RC3
Author evgeneyputilin <>
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> Hi,
> Did not hear news from you for a long time! ;)
> > Do you known if the bug that made
> > the prepared statements local to
> > the transaction context was fixed ?
> As far as I know, nothing special was done in this area. However, I
> also do not see any code that closes statements on transaction
> commit/rollback.
> However result sets are closed on commit. I do not know if this is
> incorrect, but...
This is Firebird feature. It have commitRetain, after commit all
ResultSet is open.
I patch local source next files to resolve this problem

And I have memory leak on server when I don't close PreparedSatement.
FB allow one PreparedSatement for many Query. And this Statment eat
server memory.
Example bad code
PreparedSatement ps=conn.PrepareStatment(" select count(*) from
ResultSet rs=ps.executeQuery();
Best regards,
Eugeney Putilin
p.s. Sorry for bad English. If you undestand'n me, I may write in