Subject RE: Re[2]: [Firebird-Java] RE: Hmmmm...exception only on solaris.
Author Robert DiFalco
Awesome! We had a tought time trying to make the Solaris build work
without disabling almost all optimizations. But, as I said this was a
while ago. We will probably look at it again after we ship.
Unfortunately, we are looking at shipping soon, so we will not be able
to go with 1.5 for now. :(
Fwiw, are these ports in Sorceforge CVS?

Also, if anyone has any idea on the exception I'm seeing, please let me

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Subject: Re[2]: [Firebird-Java] RE: Hmmmm...exception only on solaris.

Hello, Robert,

> Well, we haven't tried for a couple of months, but we could never get
> to build on Solaris.

I did some work on various ports using 64-bit CPU instruction sets
recently. Linux/Sparc/GCC and Solaris/Sparc/GCC are among of them and
both build fine and seem to work. But the former needs very new kernel
patches (I worked with Linux kernel maintainers to make it actually
work), the latter is missing installer so you'll need to install it by
hand. I haven't noticed other problems with this ports so far so bug
reports are welcome, as usual. :)

>> SO-V1.0.0.796 Firebird 1.0

>> I think this was the last build we could get to reliably compile on
>> Solaris.

> What about current CVS Firebird 1.5 ?

Nickolay Samofatov mailto:skidder@...

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