Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] help on embeded java - still having problems
Author Ryan Baldwin
Hi Nikolay,

>Now I want to rework my code to test fbembeded. I have downloaded embeded
for windows,
>but first question is - where to put all dlls? jaybird.dll and those from
embeded version

I have found that the easiest place to put jaybird.dll and the embedded
server dll's(in their directory structure) is in the same directory as the
'laucher' which invokes the JVM. For running the tests I place this in my
JDK/bin directory(the launcher being java.exe or javaw.exe).

For distribution of my apps I create a bin directory into which I place
these files along with the native launcher and the JRE goes in a sub-folder
of this.

Perhaps this can be improved to an extent.

>Anyway, when I try to load the "embedded" using as an
>I am recieving this exception:
>og.firebirdsql.ngds.InternalError: FirebirdApiBinding::Initialize - Could
not find or load the GDS32.DLL
> at org.firebirdsql.ngds.GDS_Impl.nativeInitilize(Native Method)
> at
>which is nasty.

This message is missleading - it will say 'Could not find or load the
GDS32.DLL' even if it was actually trying to load 'fbembed.dll'. I will fix
this before the first offical beta.

If the infomation above regarding the placement of files does not help to
resolve this problem please let me know.