Subject Jaybird driver CVS HEAD state
Author BSS main
Hello, All !

I tried to build current codebase to consider implementation of
getParameterMetaData method, but CVS HEAD is currently in unbuildable
state. Why Jaybird team doesn't adopt approach of testing the changes
before committing them ?

Here is the quick list of problems found:
1. build.xml is broken. default target does not exist, dependencies
are weird. for example, building driver jar depends on "compile"
target that requires building everything including test stylesheets.
2. driver itself is broken. For example, FBManager class depends on
UnknownDriverTypeException declared in org.firebirdsql.pool package.
But this class doesn't use this dependency actually.
3. test framework is committed in a middle of restructuring and cannot
compile. Basically, BaseFBTest class that is used by many tests as a
base class isn't present anymore.

Are there any ongoing efforts to return driver to buildable state ?
Or should I take care of this myself ?

Nickolay Samofatov mailto:skidder@...