Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Java and Embedded Firbird.
Author Brian Chevrier
I am trying to use this new one and am wondering if there is a way to have the database relative to the dll? The old one let me use a connection URL like "jdbc:firebirdsql:loopback:FHUS" and it got the database FHUS out of the same directory as the dll. However this new one seems to want a path from the root directory of the drive.

>>> ryan.baldwin@... 09/30/03 04:16AM >>>

I've uploaded an updated set of files for jaybird and FB1.5 embedded to in zip file

This archive contains brief usage instructions. I have made these files
available 'unofficialy' and they are not meant to be of or packaged too the
same standard as the official release.

People who have been using the files from the previous file I uploaded could
benefit from using these newer files. I seemed to find that RC4 of the
embedded server(and maybe RC1 too) had a major performance problem which
appears to be fixed in RC6. Minor bugfixes have also been made in the
jaybird native code.

The firebirdsql-full.jar file included is built from CVS a little while ago.
I've been having some problems with the pool's in the current CVS version -
but it should be possible to check out the latest code from cvs and replace
the firebirdsql-full.jar - the dll's should work OK.


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