Subject Using JCA-JDBC driver
Author stevohudac
Hi guys,

sorry to bother you with newbie problem, but I'm stuck. I developped
small app to perform some stuff on FB through the InterClent. But my
admin is not fond of installing more stuff (InterClient namely) on
server so I try to swich to pure JCA_JDBC and offcourse I have a

What I did:

I coppied content of zip file into JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext

I wrote this program:

import java.sql.*;

public class Firebird {

public static void main(String argv[]){

// Load the FireBird driver.
try {
System.out.println("Driver loaded.");
} catch(ClassNotFoundException cnfe) {
("org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver not found");

I'm using Java 1.4 SE JDK.

After compiling I'm offcourse getting "not found" error. I spent some
time browsing the mailing list. There are some hints, but I don't
know whether it is relevant to JDK 1.4 SE.

One suggestion. Few examples on IBPhoenix or Sourceforge Firebird
website would take a load of newbies (as me) from mailinglist. There
already is an example on Interclient...

Thank you in advance.