Subject Re: Inconsistent read / writes
Author rrokytskyy

> We use the DBConnectionBroker from JavaExchange which always keeps
> a certain number of connections open and reuses them. As a result,
> if we remotely change the data via MS Access and the ODBC driver,
> it is NOT reflected in the output of our Java code. The only way to
> make the changed data visible is to restart the connection broker
> (which in our current setup means restarting Tomcat).
> Has this issue been resolved or is this standard behaviour? Is
> there a workaround?

As far as I know, currently no solution exists. This problem seems to
exist only to one version of the Firebird server on Linux (either
ClassicServer, or SuperServer, I do not remember) and seems to be
caused by some specific DPB and TPB that are specified in your case
by an ODBC driver.

So, I would suggest you to try another version of a database server
(if you have SS, then try CS).

I do not expect any changes in the engine to solve this issue, since
v 1.0 is freezed. When Firebird team releases the 1.5 version, we
will check the issue again.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy