Subject [Fwd: Re: FirebirdSQL JDBC Driver]
Author Eddie Bush
Hi - I suppose this would be a feature request :-) Rather than try to
explain it again, I'll let my dialogue with David speak for me. It has
been a couple of days (probably a week) since I built the driver out of
CVS, so if this has been commited since then, I apologize.



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Subject: Re: FirebirdSQL JDBC Driver
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 00:49:48 -0400
From: David Jencks <davidjencks@...>
To: Eddie Bush <ekbush@...>
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I never looked at escape processing before. Could you point me to where
and how it is used in OJB?

You are right that I don't have much time. If you could post info about
what is missing to the list it will probably
get implemented much sooner than if I try to do it;-)

david jencks

On 2002.08.12 23:36:59 -0400 Eddie Bush wrote:
> David,
> I only write because you posed the question: "What specific
> functionality do you find the driver lacking?" (That's a horrid
> mis-quote, but you get the idea). It seems, in my experimentation, that
> the driver still does not implement escape processing at the statement
> level. I finally got back on trying to make OJB work today, and that's
> one of the things I ran across. I had forgotten about having to comment
> that out in one of the OJB calls until I had to do the same thing with
> another call tonight. For now, I'll just comment out the call to
> setEscapeProcessing() in the OJB code. Are there any evil ramifications
> of this I might be forewarned of? To be quite forthright, I'm a rather
> novice database person :-) I use Firebird because I learned InterBase
> in doing some windows programming, and I liked it.
> Sorry to bother - I would imagine you keep quite busy :-)
> Regards,
> Eddie