Subject How to do UTF8 encoding in JBoss 3 using firebirdsql?
Author cn

I have been using interclient in JBoss 2.4.4 and I can read and write
characters in my JSP and EJB from and to Firebird database in UTF8
encoding. But when I upgraded to JBoss 2.4.6 and JBoss 3.0, all the
UTF8 characters in Firebird becomes garbage charcters in JSP and EJB. I
have tried the following:

1. Interclient and JBoss 2.4.4
put the following line in jboss.jcml
and remove the JDBCUser and Password attribute
Then, this is OK

2. Interclient and JBoss 2.4.6
It seems that JBoss 2.4.6 must have the JDBCUser and Password
attribute and ignore the Properties attribute. So it seems the
charSet=UTF8 is not passed to the connection.
So, how to configure it to have UTF8 support?

3. FirebirdSQL and JBoss 3.0
I have done following to instruction. But only single byte
characters is OK. UTF8 stored in Firebird becomes garbage characters.
So, how to configure it to have UTF8 support?

I have post similar questions in JBoss forum. But have not yet got an
Hope you can help to solve.
Thanks a lot.
C. N. Tsang