Subject Re: First Shot at Performance Test
Author rrokytskyy
Hi all,

Performance testing is quite an interesting topic. Some time ago I
have made some tests of database performance and found that for my
application PostgreSQL in general was slower than Firebird. But this
greatly depends on the SQL statements used there. For example, for
some statements PostgreSQL was slower, for some faster. JDataStore
from Borland (VM-local mode) was faster sometimes only 2x times,
sometimes up to 12x times.

So, if we want to make performance testing, we need to compare only
InterClient vs. type 4 JDBC driver, because we do not compare DBMS,
but driver implementation. Also, for each test fresh database must be
used because of garbage collection. And definitely logging must be
off. :)

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy