Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Can't connect to DB
Author Rick Fincher
Sounds like you have covered all the bases. Very strange.
Is this a Tomcat webapp that won't talk or straight java code that you have written in an app?
In my particular case my FB server and Tomcat server are on the same box for greater speed and security.  It is very odd that it works for Interclient (indicating that the setup is OK) and not FB.  In this arrangement you have to be sure localhost resolves to an IP number. 
Also, if you are using the JNDI params from Tomcat, there was an error in some of the docs that called a param "user" when it should have been "username".  This may not apply, but just in case.
Tomcat pooling is probably better in that it is more generalized and can be used with other databases if you ever have to migrate.  In terms of performance, I don't know, I haven't benchmarked the various options.  All the JNDI stuff gives you a lot of flexibility to change the setup in XML files without recompiling, although you could set up JNDI parameters to be used with the FB driver with internal pooling.

> If you do decide to use the driver's built in pooling you can do so
>with code like the following replacing your

Thanks for the code below. I like allot, and am very happy pooling was
added to Firebird's driver.

Now which is a better way to go, Tomcat pooling, or the drivers own
internal pool.

I most use pools in web apps, that will run under Tomcat.