Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Can't connect to DB
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 23:33, rrokytskyy wrote:
> You might need to put the following line in /etc/services on your
> production server(s):
> gds_db 3050/tcp

It is definitely there. I would not even attempt to make a connection if
that was not there.

> Can you try to telnet from your production server to your database
> server on port 3050? Name of the DB server must be the same as in
> database URL.

Yep that works no problem.

> There's a possibility that the name you're using is
> resolved to network interface with IP filter that drops the packets
> from your production server but allows from your laptop. Once I had
> such problem and spent quite a lot of time solving it.

Nope not it. All servers are on the lan behind two consecutive
firewalls. So I pretty much trust each machine in the network and do not
have any filters or anything set to drop packets.

However I do use host.allow and deny mostly on the DB server. Although I
have a rule saying to allow all from my lan to connect to anything. I
also have one for the domain as well.

It may be that but I would really be surprised I will see if there is
anything in any of the system log files. Nope, nothing that leads me to
anything there.

> Also, check if it is allowed to connect to your database server from
> Tomcat JVM (check your security manager and security policy).

At the moment I have the security manger disabled until I can find out
what the problem is so it's not that.

Keep em coming. :)

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