Subject Exception Using JBuilder 7 jdbNatVtoolBar
Author jackfrosch
I posted this to a Borland Interbase newsgroup as pertaining to IB
6.0, but realized the error was really happening while conencted to a
Firebird 1.0 database, not IB 6.0. (I run both on different

I read data from a table, added a single period to a varchar field
data, and did a successful update. However, when I tried to commit
the data, I got the following exception:

interbase.interclient.SQLException: [interclient][interbase]
arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation

I know adding the single period didn't exceeed the varchar limt, so
have no idea why this error would occur. I'm suspicious it really
signifies something else altogether.

I was able to to the same update and commit using SQL through IB
Workbench, so I know the data length isn't really a problem.

Any ideas?