Subject FB Driver, Tomcat Resource, JSP and charset
Author Leos Urban
I want to use type 4 JCA/XA driver, Firebird (1.0) with Tomcat (4.0.4) as
Tomcat Resource.

I dont know how to specify charset for DB in tomcat resouce specification.

In server.xml is:
<Resource name="jdbc/icdiakonis" auth="Container"
type="javax.sql.DataSource" />
<ResourceParams name="jdbc/icdiakonis" >
<parameter> <name>user</name><value>sysdba</value> </parameter>
<parameter> <name>password</name><value>masterkey</value> </parameter>
<parameter> <name>lc_ctype</name><value>UNICODE_FSS</value> </parameter>
2.gdb</value> </parameter>

Specification of "lc_ctype" did not work, when I accessed to non-english
characters, then I got some error from server and/or driver . But when I
read from "english" tables (RDB$RELATIONS) , it worked OK.

I tested also change driverName to
This crash Tomcat on start (reading config).
And when use "?lc_ctype=UNICODE_FSS&user=sysdba&password=masterkey"
then I cannot connect to server.

Could you help me?