Subject Repost: Problems with JDBC driver
Author Uwe Jäger

I wanted to use the jdbc driver for our application but I ran into
serveral problems. All we do works fine with Interclient and several
other jdbc drivers (e.g. Oracle).

We have at least two connections, one set to autocommit (with
java.sql.Connection.setAutoCommit(true)) one set to autocommit false.

Connections are created with java.sql.Driver.connect method after
instanciating the driver with Class.forName ...

While running the application I get several exceptions complaining about
using commit for connections set to autocommit; but we only call
commit for the connections not set to autocommit. I also get errors
while the driver tries to fetch data.

If needed I can produce detailed logs for the problems; now I just want
to know whether the driver should work in the circumstances described
above. The documentation doesn't make a lot of words about using the
driver as jdbc driver ...

Kind regards
Uwe Jäger