Subject Re: JDBC Source for StarOffice6
Author rrokytskyy
> The problem is - how do I get from A to B.
> I am new to playing with Java at all - is this just a case
> of getting .jar files into the right place on the WIndows
> and Linux machines? And then the above 'command' will run

Ok, then here's what you need:

a) JDK (either Sun or IBM, people say that IBM is faster for
server-side applications); set $JAVA_HOME env. variable.

b) cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@...:/cvsroot/firebird co

c) cd client-java/src/build

d) ls -l, if it is not executable, chmod 755

e) ./

f) if everything is ok, you find your driver in

g) in addition, in classpath you need:

client-java/src/lib/jmxri.jar ? (not sure, probably you can ommit it)

You can extract all these classes into one directory and then jar them
again, so you get only one jar file with all needed inside.

> What is jmx and jbossmx and where do I find them?

JMX - Java Management eXtensions, something like SNMP, but for Java.
If you're using JDBC driver outside J2EE application server, you
should not need it. Specs are available from

JBossMX - JMX microkernel for JBoss application server. Application
server is a collection of JMX MBeans. Available for download from or

> Any useful resources on jdbc?

I do not know any, but I'm sure there are a lot. I just have no idea
where to find them. :)

Best regards,