Subject Re: Strange character sets or.........u figure it out
Author rrokytskyy

> I have a problem with charsets in one database and maybe you can
> help me. This particular database was created using charset NONE,
> but there are 38 users adding data using different locale and they
> introduced characters from different character sets. I can't use
> the driver with this database because it only gives partial result
> sets.
> ....(skipped)
> Could it be possible to leave character set as a really optional
> specification? If I can retrieve all the data using isql or
> Interclient without specifying charset, I should be able to do the
> same using the Type4 driver.

I think it _is_ optional. As I see from the code, by default we
create database connection with NONE character set. This means that
byte[] is converted to String using "new String(byte[])" constructor
(i.e. it will use default character encoding of your JVM).

If it is not so, please report this as a bug in bug tracker. Also,
check if you have a latest CVS code (I think beta 1 had a problem

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy