Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Driver status
Author Carsten Schäfer
I've a question:
Is Type4 driver now faster or slower than interclient2 with regard to selects ?
My tests with the Srcs from last week has shown to me that Type4 ist still much slower with selects than Interclient.
This can not deal with tabledesign or Firebird-Database because i always uses the same tables and only change the driver.


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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: Driver status

> Blas,
> Concerning the speed of SELECT statement, it in large parts depends on
> the database server as database table design.
> Firebird/interbase is not smart enough to use correct index,
> especially on the join tables
> If the sql/tables not designed properly, the speed is terrible even
> you use native tool.
> Certainly, there are places needs to be improved in the firebird/java
> driver.
> jw
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> > Hello Roman
> >
> > Until now we don't test PostgreSQL but compared with other
> databases/drivers, the only problem with FB is in the selects, FB
> > takes too much time.
> >
> > For instance FB outperforms SAPBD on inserts and mixed tests,
> but takes 180% the time of SAPDB in the selects. I don't know if
> > the problem is in the database kernel or in the communication layer,
> but this is perhaps the next thing to review. I don't think it
> > is in the driver because the problem exist with FB Driver and with
> Interclient.
> >