Subject Re: Problem with casted columns in SP
Author rrokytskyy

I tried the following procedure

create procedure test_date returns (date_result date)
as begin
date_result = cast('now' as date);

Then I tried following SQL statement using the last version of our

select cast(date_result as varchar(20)) from test_date

and I do get correct output. Can you create a small test case that
reproduces your problem?

Best regards,

--- In Firebird-Java@y..., Thomas Viohl <t.viohl@o...> wrote:
> Ok, Helen,
> your advices are all ok. I simplified my procedure for this
newsgroup ...
> But: this does not solve my problem !!
> If I user the CAST function on the dates I get no result in that
> When I do not use CAST , firebird is implicitely casting the dates
and I
> get correct values in the resulting Varchars.
> Sample:
> select CAST (myDate as varchar(20)) -->> no returning values
> select myDate -->> correct values
> regards
> Thomas