Subject Problem with casted columns in SP
Author Thomas Viohl
Hi there,
I am using the Firebird jdbc driver and I have following problem:
Inside a stored procedure I do a cast on date columns to varchars. When
I query this procedure the casted columns are always NULL. In IBConsole
I got the correct values.


select CAST(login_valid_from as varchar(10)) as col1,
CAST(login_invalid_after as varchar(10)) as col2
from USER1 m, userprops u
where m.userid = u.userid
and userid=:in_userid
into :col1,:col2;

the Call: select * from proc1 returns always NULL for the casted columns.
But there are valid values.

I read about the problem with unserscores in names, could it be that?

Someone for an answer?

Thank you