Subject Re: JCA Question
Author rrokytskyy
> I have a doubt about ManagedConnectionFactory, I don't know if
> one ManagedConnectionFactory can be used for several Firebird
> Databases or there must be one ManagedConnectionFactory instance
> for each database (url).
> According to specification it seems that one
> ManagedConnectionFactory can be used to connect to every resource
> of the same type,
> but if this is true it seems that there is a bug in the driver.

Are you refering to the FBDriver class? There was a mcf caching, but
after I added connection parameters, there is no more sense to cache
it, because even tha URL is the same, users, passwords, lc_ctype and
other parameters might be different... So, if you're talking about
this case, and this is incorrect, then I think we need to do
something with it.

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