Subject JCA-JDBC Performance

we have made here some performance tests JCA-JDBC
vs. InterClient. The results are very interesting.

The differences we have on localhost are very
small. JCA-JDBC is about 10% slower then InterClient.
But having a remote connection writing with JCA-JDBC
is horrible slow, while reading is about the same
with InterClient again.

Writing 5000 Records with JCA-JDBC takes 1005186 Millis
while writing with InterClient takes just 10385 Millis!

That is not acceptable!

Any Idea what is going on? I know that mixing TCP/IP,
IPX/SPX and Netbios is not the fastest way. But that
does not declare the differences.

I looked how long it takes to get an connection to the
database. There were no notable differences from local
to remote. A litle System.out in write loop showed that
writing the records is too slow.

That can be a very brutal knock out!

What can I test or change?

Thanks a lot
Hans Georg

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