Subject Result-problem
Author Carsten Schäfer
in my program I have two db-connection per user (one for read from db , one for write to db).
I create the connections when the user logs in my system and i never destroy the connections.
So when the same user connects to my systems later he will get the same connections every time. (I only have the same 20 users that work with my system).
(this behavior was programmed because of some bugs in Interclient that throws UnavailableDatabaseExecption after creating (and closing) about 50 connections)
Now with the type4-driver i have the problem that sometimes the same select for one user gets the correct resultset and for another user it gets an empty resultset (no sqlexception is thrown).
(mostly after the connection is 'old', direct after the creation of the connection all users gets the same resultset)

The only difference i see is that they use different connections for their select.

Have someone a explanation for this behavior (and a solution) ?