Subject Re: Accessing Firebird databases in Java
Author rrokytskyy
> If I were to use the InterClient version that is available on the
> Firebird project page, would I be able to continue using this setup
> with future versions of Firebird? Or would significant changes
> force me to rewrite my application to use the new JCA driver in the
> future, in order to access Firebird databases?

It depends what JDBC features do you use. It seems to me that
InterClient 2.01 (available from SourceForge) and our JCA driver have
more or less similar functionality. However, InterClient 2.5
(available from Borland as part of InterBase 6.5) has more JDBC 2.0

So, if you stay with IC 2.01 you should be able to switch to JCA
driver simply by replacing driver class name and JDBC URL. At least
this works for me at present time. If you use InterClient 2.5 or
later (when available) you might have problems switching to current
JCA driver. Also if we go faster than Borland in implementing the
specification, you might have problems switching to InterClient. :)

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy