Subject Accessing Firebird databases in Java
Author Tom Rons

I would like to access a Firebird database from a Java application, but I
don't know which driver to use.

I don't require any real 'enterprise features', I'll mostly be doing read
and write/update operations. I was originally planning on using the new JCA
driver, but I need to make use of it right *now*, and it is still in beta
phase and doesn't have a lot of documentation.

If I were to use the InterClient version that is available on the Firebird
project page, would I be able to continue using this setup with future
versions of Firebird? Or would significant changes force me to rewrite my
application to use the new JCA driver in the future, in order to access
Firebird databases?

Any help, advice and suggestions that you may have, are welcome.

Thanks in advance

Tom Rons (trons@...)

PS: Please CC replies directly to trons@... as I am not
subscribed to this list.