Subject Re: about the deadlock problem
Author rrokytskyy
> I will do so, but not today, I'm really tired. Why I posted it here,
> because Roman asked me to check how the Delphi components work.

I just finished installing IB on Linux, so tomorrow I will test it.

You asked if I "speak" Delphi. Probably yes :) I was not using
Delphi/Pascal for 3 years, but I think the code we're talking about
is not too complex. But since we know that the reason in in TPB, I
will keep trying Java. :)

BTW, InterServer has many interesting things inside that are worth
checking, like usage of isc_tpb_autocommit. I was not able to find
any doc on this value.

> Fine, also I will write a short description. What I wanted to ask in
> my previous mail is using isc_tpb_write, isc_tpb_concurrency and
> isc_tpb_wait is correct in theory or not?

API Reference claims this is a default one, when you do not pass any
TPB at all (a null value).

So, let's continue tomorrow.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy