Subject Beta 1 release of pure Java JCA-JDBC driver
Author David Jencks
I am pleased to announce the first binary release of the firebird pure java
JCA-JDBC driver. You can download it from the Firebird file release area at Minimal usage
instructions are included. Please report problems, congratulations, etc,
to the lists or the firebird sourceforge bug
tracker. I would like to thank my co-workers on this project Alejandro
Alberola and Roman Rokytskyy and those who contributed problem reports and
bug fixes. Without them this project would not be where it is today.

This driver provides JCA spi functionality for direct use with jca
compliant application servers such as jboss, as well as implementations of
the JDBC Driver and DataSource interfaces. As far as I can tell it and the
Firebird database are the only open source free product implementing XA
transaction support. This appears to make it the only open source solution
suitable for consideration for enterprise software.

David Jencks