Subject Question about URL and J2EE and a very little suggestion

I'm quite new to both Firebird and I've just started playing with the
type 4 driver today. I have two question and a little suggestion:

1. Is there any reason why the connection URL looks like this?

Usually this looks like

is it a bug or is it a feature? [:)]

2. I could not use the driver without installing J2EE. Actually I
really don't need it, so will it be required in the future?

3. I've tried to compile the driver with JDK 1.4, but I could not. Not
a big thing, I've made a clean a JDK 1.3 install and it worked, I had
to only replace the JAVA_HOME variable. My suggestion is to add
%JAVA_HOME%/bin/ to last line in build.bat so this way it will always
use the right java version, not that one that is on the path.

so the last line should look like:


instead of this:


Of course this is absolutely not important, it just makes life a bit
easier. :)) By the way, the compiled driver works perfectly with JDK

Best wishes and congratulation for the great job,
Daniel Marczisovszky