Subject Thanks from VisibleResults
Author David Warnock

A big thank-you for the new java client.

On Thursday and Friday we had a development conference at Sundayta's
offices ( for VisibleResults
( and

We had 11 people (2 client representatives, 1 graphic designer, 1 tester
and documenter, 6 developers and me as chief coffee maker). All agreed
it was a great success.

For it's MVC architecture VisibleResults now uses:-

Model = Java Relational Framework aka JRF see

View = Velocity see

Controller = ActionServlet see

Our Database is Firebird see using the new

We got all layers working fully together with some unit tests, we were
also able to integrate the HTML Trees from Melati
( We designed a huge amount of the user interface
and still had time for learning Extreme Programming by doing it. What is
more we also had some great food (Tim, was that a whole sheep?) and company.

Our thanks to everyone involved in these great open source projects as
well as all the others we use in this project (above and beyond our
complete GNU/Linux systems). That includes

Ant for building see

JUnit for unit tests see

Jikes as our compiler see

If you would like to know more as either a contributor or user about
VisibleResults (which is a GPL'd Fundraising Application for charities
and a more general Contact Management System) then I would love to hear
from you.


Dave Warnock
Managing Director
Sundayta Ltd